We will meet online weekly on Thursdays for 9 sessions to dive into the two-part work of Luke and Acts to gain new perspectives on the life of Jesus and the early Church. Meeting dates, times, links, and session details can be found on the calendar.

Session 1 (of 9): The Birth of Jesus
See how Jesus’ birth into humble conditions and a family with low social status foreshadows the upside-down nature of Jesus’ Kingdom.

Session 2 (of 9): The Baptism of Jesus
Jesus launches his ministry and announces that God’s Kingdom is good news for the poor, reversing the expectations for Israel’s promised Messiah.

Session 3 (of 9): The Prodigal Son
Jesus continued to announce God’s Kingdom as a place in which all people are welcomed and celebrated. And the religious leaders were not happy.

Session 4 (of 9): The Crucifixion of Jesus
The religious leaders are closing in on Jesus. But Jesus prepares for his coming crucifixion, knowing that his death will open up a new way of life.

Session 5 (of 9): The Resurrection of Jesus
Jesus’ death was not the end of the story. See the epic conclusion of Luke’s account of Jesus’ life and mission on Earth.

Session 6 (of 9): Pentecost
Explore the fascinating story of Pentecost, where the Spirit arrived in Jesus’ followers and prepared them to spread the Gospel to the nations.

Session 7 (of 9): The Apostle Paul
Take a look at Acts 8-12, where we meet the apostle Paul and see the rapid expansion of the Jesus movement across the ancient world.

Session 8 (of 9): Paul’s Missionary Journeys
Paul spread the good news of Jesus throughout the ancient world. It wasn’t always an easy journey, but Paul was determined. Let’s look at why.

Session 9 (of 9): Bound for Rome
Trace Paul’s journey into the heart of the Roman empire, where he gets to announce God’s Kingdom to the nations.