Almighty God, heavenly Father, you have blessed us with the joy and care of children: Give us calm strength and patient wisdom as we bring them up, that we may teach them to love whatever is just and true and good, following the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen. – BCP. 825

Amy Simons

Amy Simons

Director of Christian Formation

Hello! – Fall is in full swing and there is a business both in our homes and at St. John’s! For me, that makes finding intentional moments of worship even more important! But, whether you’re a weekly pew and prayer warrior or simply trying to find your way back. There is a place for you here. Read on to see what’s happening with the nursery!

During our classroom renovation, we retired the toys that were overly worn, broken, or missing pieces. Could you help replenish the nursery with some new playful learning tools?

In the Nursery

The nursery has been transformed into a BEAUTIFUL space for parents to stay and play if they need to step away from worship. But that doesn’t mean that formation has ended for either of you. You may want to…

  • Select a book to read
  • color a corresponding coloring page
  • play with a toy and talk about what you read.
  • free play, rest, or feed in a quiet space

Every story in the Frolic First Bible and Our Frolic “Little Steps, Big Faith” books has helpful guides for parents! Come down and explore!

In Church

We do encourage you to bring your little ones into church! Trust us… no one will flinch when they cry, drop a toy, or need to use the potty during the gospel reading. We’ve all been there! But that doesn’t make it easy. Here are some handy tricks for navigating this special time.

  • Use the rocking chairs in the back of the sanctuary if they need less stimulation.
  • Lean on a church “aunt,” “uncle” or “grandma” if you need an extra set of hands.
  • Talk to your child about the pictures and stories in the stained glass windows. That’s what they’re for!
  • Let them hold the bulletins, hymnals, and prayer books. These are the tools of their faith.
  • Let them stand on the pew or on your lap so they can see the movement at the altar.
  • Singing and snuggles are encouraged!

Frolic First Bible

The Frolic First Bible goes through 10 stories from the Old Testament and 10 from the New Testament while using child-friendly language and providing a short take-away point to help apply the lesson of each story to your child’s own life. 

Podcast: Talking in Church

Tools of Our Faith

Stories in the Windows

The Competitive “AMEN!”

Preparing for Re-entry!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific program that you use?

We use the Spark Lectionary: Activate Faith curriculum.  This Bible-centered program not only teaches our students the foundations of our faith but empowers our teachers and students to continue the conversation beyond the classroom.

How do I volunteer?

Our children and youth formation programs are always looking for more adults to offer a guiding hand to our young people. All volunteers who work with our young people require SafeChurch training (an abuse prevention and awareness program) and two adults must always be present at youth activities. This means we need a lot of hands on deck and our kids have the added benefit of building lots of inter-generational relationships! Some volunteers may additionally require background checks. Contact Amy Simons if interested. 

How do I know if my child is ready for Sunday School?

Sunday School typically begins when your child enters kindergarten. However, your child may be ready for Sunday School if they… 

  • can easily express needs.
  • can follow a set of directions, “Please put the markers in the box, and then…”
  • are interested in being with older students. 
  • are potty trained.

Does my child need to be registered for Nursery?

No. Nursery is open to members, friends, and guests alike. Parents are asked to sign students in so that we can keep accurate attendance and better connect with families. Registration is sometimes required for special youth events.

When should I come to get my child?

The nursery is staffed from 10 AM to Noon during our principal worship service. But families are encouraged to use the nursery in whatever way that works best for them. Sometimes children use the nursery occasionally and sometimes each week. Often parents will bring their child to nursery before worship begins and then collect them during The Peace so that families can receive Communion together.  

I’d like to keep my child in church. Is there anything I should know?

Yes! St. John’s is a no stink-eye zone so you can feel free to parent in the pew without worrying about wiggles and chatter. We get it. If you feel like you need a leg up on the situation, we have children’s bulletins and crayons available for readers and non-readers at the entrance of the sanctuary. We also have rocking chairs placed in the back if your little one finds that soothing. 

How can we donate to children and youth programs?

Like most church and youth programs, this ministry depends on the donations of materials as much as we do volunteering your time. Please contact Amy Simons for a list of current needs of visit our “contribute” page and make a monetary donation to “Christian Formation.”