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Church Beyond the Building

St. John’s at Home

We are reminded in this time of physical distancing, maybe now more than ever, that the Church is far more than a building. The Church is God’s people. The people of St. John’s continue our mission as God’s hands and feet in and beyond Old Town Saginaw where our historic building is located. We gather by phone, email, video conference, and live-stream worship. We may be at home. But we are still a community, embodying and sharing God’s unconditional love for all people in Jesus Christ.

2021 Giving

At St. John’s, financial stewardship is an important component of a balanced spiritual life. Returning to God from that which God has given us is a tangible way to express our faith. When each of us gives as each of us is able, together we will discover an abundance to support our ministry and mission in and beyond Old Town Saginaw, Michigan.

Feast Your Pies on This!

Thank you to everyone to contributed to our annual Christian Formation Apple Pie (magnet) fundraiser! We reached our goal and are set for success in 2021! 

If you haven’t yet, please consider making a 2021 pledge to St. John’s and joining one of our online formation classes! Together, there is more than enough!