Beginning Sunday, May 30 through Sunday, September 5 (Trinity Sunday/Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend):

  • The 8am Holy Eucharist will be prayed in the nave/sanctuary and streamed via the internet.
  • The 10:30am Holy Eucharist will be prayed outside on the St. John’s and/or Borchard Park lawn. Weather permitting, of course. Contingencies for inclement weather are being considered. We are open to your suggestions.

For the 10:30am, it’s BYO “x” :

  • BYOC = Bring Your Own Chair(s)
  • BYOT = Bring Your Own Tent(s)
  • BYOL = Bring Your Own Lunch for physically distant fellowship after worship
  • BYOWBS = Bring Your Own Wiffle Ball Set for friendly competition after worship (actually, Fr. Curt has this covered). See the picture below.

What other outdoor games would you like to bring?