One of the things I love about the Tuesday morning Bible study at St. John’s is that we often get derailed. Sure, we have a book we are reading (The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People). In fact, we have been reading the same book for about two years. There have been weeks when our discussions focus on several pages of reading. And there are sessions when we put the book aside and ponder and reflect on various questions about life and where God fits into all of this. The book is interesting, to be sure. But I value tremendously (probably more so) listening to people around the table, hearing how they integrate their faith into their daily lives, struggles and all.

Not everybody can make it to a gathering like this, a Tuesday in the middle part of the workday. So, based on suggestions from the people of St. John’s, we are beginning what we might call “theological discussions by request.” It’s not a pretty title, but I hope you understand what this means.

On June 23, beginning around 8:45 AM, in the Guild Room, I will lead a discussion on how Christ is present in the bread and the wine at the Eucharist. Do Episcopalians believe in Transubstantiation? There will be a little bit of lecture, of course, but we can talk it through. In July, our discussion will focus on Predestination. How do Episcopalians/Anglicans approach Predestination? The answer might surprise you. The topic is actually mentioned in a remote corner of The Book of Common Prayer. Another future topic might be Baptism: what it means, and what it does not mean.

Each of these topics come from you, which leads to my next question: what else might you like to discuss? As of right now, the plan is to hold such forums once a month on Sunday mornings. While we are at it, are there other times that might work better for you? A weeknight? In a restaurant? I am open to any and all suggestions.

You can email me directly or comment below.

In Christ,