October 26-27 – The 24th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan will take place this October. Who will be representing you while we’re there? Have a look! Clergy: The Rev. Curt Norman, The Rev. Pam Renna. Delegates: Ric Roberts, Kathryn Coman, Dawn Penney, Mary Baukus. Resolutions Committee: Amy Simons

At the Diocesan Convention, delegates and clergy will be presented with three resolutions representing the three scenarios.

Resolution #1 will call for the election of a Bishop Diocesan, calling the Standing Committee to appoint Search and Transition Committees using the data from our self-study gatherings to build our diocesan profile. We would expect a diocesan election next October 2019.

Resolution #2 will call for the search and election of a long-term bishop provisional. With the assistance of the Office of Pastoral Development of the Episcopal Church, the Standing Committee would identify and interview candidates to serve 3-5 years as a full-time bishop provisional to enter into a period of deep discernment of diocesan sustainability and deeper relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan. As in the election of Bishop Waynick, the Standing Committee would put forth one name to the Convention for election, either in October 2019 or in a Special Convention in Spring 2019.

Resolution #3 will elect, or call for the election of the Rt. Rev. Whayne Hougland, Bishop of the Diocese of Western Michigan, to serve as Bishop Provisional for a period of 3-5 years, beginning with the October 2019 Diocesan Convention (this delay accounts for a scheduled sabbatical next Spring and Summer). In this 3-5 year period, the dioceses would enter into a period of study and intentional discernment around deeper relationship.

The exact text of these resolutions is in the drafting process and will be available ahead of the three regional Pre-Convention Meetings.