Is it just me? Or does it seem like we tend to travel more in the summer months? I know my traveling has increased already. Margaret, the kids, and I were in North Carolina recently as I officiated at my brother’s wedding. A fellow St. John’s parishioner is getting married in Chicago, and I am privileged to officiate at that wedding, as well.

When visiting another city, and you can call me a church-nerd, I like to visit the (or an) Episcopal Church. On the North Carolina trip, I again got to see the church where I was Confirmed in 1981.

As you travel this summer, I invite you to visit the Episcopal Church wherever it is you end up. It may be for Sunday worship. It may not. If you happen to be at a certain spot in the middle of the week, why not take a picture, post it on the St. John’s Facebook page (or email it to me), AND say a prayer for mission and ministry of that congregation, as well as St. John’s? Maybe tour the inside and speak with a fellow Episcopalian or two.

In any event, as you travel around and spend some down time recreating (literally RE-creating), stay connected to the God we know in Jesus through our beloved Episcopal Church. It is a wonderful gift from God to us… and to those who are not yet her members.

Peace in Christ,