Sunday, May 13 @ 9:15 AM – Fr. Curt moderates a video-based discussion on the Story of the Episcopal Church.

Our church’s past merges with the present with narration by David Morse and interviews with Episcopal historians and commentators. It makes the history of the Episcopal Church come alive and is told clearly and accurately with humor and breadth of vision. Produced by Jim Friedrich, an Episcopal priest, and educator.

Part 1 (May 13) – From Jamestown to Revolution. The challenges of the New World affect the evolution of a colonial church into an independent American church.

Part 2 (May 20) – The Call to Mission. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the church’s identity and mission are themes as the Episcopal Church responds to a changing American culture.

Tuesdays @ 10:30 AM – All are welcome as we continue to progress through our reading and discussion of “The Story.”